Thursday, 3 March 2016

The father and son of Ptolemy I Soter

OLD, IV, p. 997, iii, has 'Lāgus ~i, m. The father of Ptolemy I of Egypt...'. The citations from Lucan 8.802 and Silius 17.591 show that the is long. An adjective Lāgēus ~a ~um, a. Of Lagus' is also reported.

The Greek forms Λά̄ᾱγος and Λᾶγος continue Λά̄ϝᾱγος (vowel quantities inferred from λᾱός and from -ηγός στρατηγός, κυνᾱγός, etc., but is also confirmed by the hexameter Pf.; the trisyllabic spelling is found in papyri and inscriptions). The former was used by the father of Ptolemy, the latter by that bearer's grandson (Ptolemy's son by Thais). Ptolemy I Soter is currently a deadend in LGPN...

Rantidi 26 [Egetmeyer no. 196, p. 773] (a 6th-c. BCE inscription in the Cypriot syllabry) provides the earliest (imperfect) occurrence of this name: la-wa-ko.

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