Thursday, 3 March 2016

Lessons from short fragments of Corinna

660.1-2 PMG illustrates the digamma in Boeotian, but also both <η> for <αι> (4x) and <ω> for Attic-Ionic's secondary <ου>:
πῆδα ϝὸν θέλωσα φίλης | ἀγκάλησ’ ἑλέσθη (De-Boeotianised: παῖδα ὃν θέλουσα φίλαις ἀγκάλαις ἑλέσθαι)
'... while she was wishing to take her son with her loving arms...'.

The fragment was quoted for ὅς with a digamma.

661 PMG: τού τε νῶε (De-Boeotianised: σύ τε νῶε).
Note <ου> for Attic-Ionic <υ> and the by-form of νῶ 'we or us two, the pair of us' (cf. Lat. nō-s)

I have since found that Palmer (1980: 118) quotes 654.iii.12-21 PMG as an illustrative passage. 654.i.12-37 PMG would serve as another slightly longer extract to illustrate Corinna's Boeotian.

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