Thursday, 10 March 2016

Mycenaean spiders and misspelled (?) hyacinths

DGE DMic, I, p. 122 has a-wa-ra-ka-na, in PY Un 1314,which may be related to ἀράχνη.
See Ventris-Chadwick Docs (2nd edn) 505 and 535: 'It is easier to make fun of the suggstion... than to suggest anything better;'.

Medicinal spiders, perhaps?

The ὑάκινθος appears with the spelling ἱακυνθο- as the first member of ἱακυνθοτρόφος, a compound epithet of Artemis in several inscriptions of Augustan date from Knidos.
The festival name ἱακυνθοτρόφια also occurs in some of these inscriptions, with which the more widespread spelling, ὑακινθοτρόφια, may be contrasted. LSJ reports the latter from Miletus only. Page suggested such a spelling in Alc.296b.8.

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