Thursday 18 June 2015

Notes on early inscriptions

The Samian Kouros (Isches: cf. Ἰσχέας): IG XII, 6 2:560 (a little from Anne Jeffery);

To Hera, from Cheramyes: IG XII, 6 2: 558A [= DGE 715.3 and LSAG (1961) 328; 341; 414, 4; archive materials];

Funerary monument of Kitylos and Dermys: (Boeotian) GVI 137 [= LSAG² 92; 94, 8; archive materials].

One curiosity is the rarity of the names ιn these archaic inscriptions: Ἀμφάλκης has three recorded instances that make it the most common. One of these is sub-literary (the Diegesis to Call. Iambi fr.191), another is dated c. 218 BCE. Isches is absent from LGPN, along with the rest of the onomastic data from Samian inscriptions.

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