Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Love (or affection) in a warm climate...

Beekes s.v. νείφει comments:
"Deviating in meaning IE
*sneigwh- 'snow', nix, nivis, νίφα, etc., not to mention English snow> is the zero-grade yod -present Skt. sníhyati 'to get wet, sticky', metaph. 'to find affection', with sneha- 'stickyness, affection, etc.', with a shift of meaning that has been ascribed to the mild climate, like in the Celtic word (see above <: a="" class="abbreviation" found="" grade="" in="" is="" present="" span="" thematic="" title="Old Irish" zero="">OIr. snigid 'it drops, rains'>)."

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