Thursday, 14 April 2016

Greek names in Tata-

In his discussion of IG XIV 865 (= Buck, no. 10, LSAG 240.3), Colvin, p. 124 no. 26, notes that 'female names in Tata- are common in Asia Minor (so-called Lallnamen), but there is plenty of evidence for tata- as an element in subliterary Gr. appellatives. For examples, see Headlam's commentary (Cambridge 1922) on Herodas 1. 60, ταταλίζειν'. The passage in Hero(n)das is in Hopkinson's Hellenistic Anthology as XXIV.

The note from Headlam follows, then the LGPN data for male as well as female names (suffice to say that vol. 5a is that for 'Coastal Asia Minor: Pontos to Ionia):

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