Thursday, 28 January 2016

Plans and clods

Εὔ-βωλος is a dialect form of Εὔ-βουλος, not a name formed from βῶλος 'clod', unlike ἐρί-βωλος in Homer.

LSJ has a lemma εὔβωλος (βῶλον), which is in Dorotheus, but the entry only points to εὔπωλος, which is at Il.5.551 and S.OC.711.

The name Εὔβουλος is attested numerously (330x), but the few attestations of Εὔβωλος (15x) are far more restricted, chiefly to the regions of IG VII (hence <ω> not <ου> as the residue of *boln-) and to Tanagra in Boeotia at that.

Also, from a coin from Cnidos c. 400 BCE, there is ΕΥΒΩΛΟϹ (= Schwyzer 258). 

IG VII 3171 (line 3, inter al.) has the (loc.) Εὐβώλυ: another helpful Boeotian (see also this earlier post, its forerunner, and some of my favourite Boeotians)!
This one (LGPN IIIb. s.v. 19) can be found in the online database by searching for Εὔβουλος (!): 'IG VII 3171, 3, 15 etc. (Εὔ[βω]λος: s. Ἀρχέδαμος)'. The printed volume has Εὔβουλος as its lemma, and reads, for this 19th individual from Elateia in Phokis, 'IG VII 3171, 3, 15 etc. (-βω-: s. Ἀρχέδαμος)'.

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