Friday 13 November 2015

Some -ιππο- names

Λα-κράτ-ιππος is implied by the (Thessalian) patronymic adjective in IG IX (2) 1228.8: Λακρατιππείοι.

(*)Αἰσχύλιππος (from Kolonos) has become a ghost name, with Αἰσχίδιππος as the re-read text in SEG XXXVIII 204, itself unique. 3x Αἶσχις.

Στρούθιππος is confined to one Euboean inscription (Teleidai): there is a son (A 386) of Kleopompos and a father (B 306) of Kleopompos (s.v.l. Τρουθ-) and a third (B 160).

There's 1x Μάνιππος from Chios (but not in LGPN - at least in that form) and 3x Ἄρνιππος.

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