Friday, 30 October 2015

Notes on inscriptions: GVI 746

LSJ cites IG 3.1376 (= IG II² 12828), a funerary inscription of the third or fourth century AD, also published as GVI 746.

Words of interest and other points:
<ι> for <ει> passim.

λ(ε)ιριόεις, which is 2x Il., 1x Hes., 1x. Nic., 1x Q.S., 1x Nonn.; cf. esp. Il.3.152 and its app. derivative Timon 804.3.

χαριτο-βλέφαρος is cited by LSJ first from this inscription. It is first in Eub. and rare in literature, 3x in Konstantinos Manasses (12th c. AD).

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