Monday 1 June 2015

Pompeian epigrams in Suetonius

Suet.Dom.14.2 quotes sparsi libelli cum his versibus, for which the Loeb cites CIL IV 3407.6 (for the correction of ΚΑΙ to κἄν). More accessible versions of this elegiac couplet are: Anth. IX 75, SEG XV 602, 3, and 821f in Diehl's 1930 edn. of Pompeianische Wandinschriften und Verwandtes.

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Unknown said...

The title of this doesn't seem quite right. Domitian's law re. viticulture dates to AD 92 (i.e. the context for the popularity of the epigram in Suet. Dom.) - almost two decades after Pompeii had died. Just shows that Euenus' epigram was popular in the late first century, really.