Friday, 24 April 2015

A curiously formed compound verb in LSJ

LSJ has an entry for ὀλῐγο-τῑμάω: 'quote less than the true price, IG5(1).1421.14 (Cyparissia)' [= Schwyzer 75.14]. There are no alterations in the Supp. or the Rev.Supp.

The inscription is dated 4th/3rd c. BCE. The line in question runs 'εἰ δέ τίς κα ὀ̣λιγοτιμάσηι̣, |' (note the West-Greek word-order of τίς before the modal particle: Buck, The Greek Dialects, sect. 179). The aorist subjunctive in question could be that of *ὀλιγοτιμάζω.

We may compare ἀτιμάζω, which is legitimately formed (cf. M.L. West on Hesiod, Works and Days 355), with ἀτιμάω, which is another curiousity (cf. too ἀτίω).

-ατιμάζω is attested with (Kretschmer, p. 603): ἀντ(ι)-, ἀπ(ο)-, ἐξ-, and συν-.
-τιμάω is attested with (Kretschmer, p. 549): ἀνα-, ἀντι-, ἀπο-, δια-, ἐκ-, ἐκπρο-, ἐν-, ἐναπο-, ἐπι-, προσαπο-, προσεπι-, προ-, προσ-, συν-, συνεπι-, ὑπερ-, and ὑπο-;
-ατιμάω with (ibid.): ἀπ(ο)- and ἐξ-.

ὀλιγο- is the only adjectival stem that provides a first member.

βαρυτιμέω is only attested in the lexicographic tradition in the forms βαρυτιμῶ βαρυτιμῶν.

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