Monday 19 August 2013

More plurals of personal names

Further to an earlier collection and the one before that:

Plutarch, On the Fortune of Alexander (Moralia) 328 C:
Socrates and Plato only taught people who understood Greek. Even so they won over only a few: ἀλλὰ Κριτίαι καὶ Ἀλκιβιάδαι καὶ Κλειτοφῶντες,... ἄλλῃ πη παρετράπησαν 'But the Critiases, the Alcibiadeses, and the Clitophons were turned aside'.

Pliny, Epistles III.21.5 (line 10 of Martial, epigrams 10.19)

Tunc me vel rigidi legant Catones.
'Then, even the stern Catoes could read me.'

This, presumably, does not refer to the two long-dead Catoes, Major and Minor, but their contemporary imitators.

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