Monday, 26 March 2012

Plurals of personal names: some examples

Martial, Epigrams 3.38.7-10:

"Si nihil hinc ueniet, pangentur carmina nobis:
audieris, dices esse Maronis opus."
Insanis: omnes gelidis quicumque lacernis
sunt tibi, Nasones Vergiliosque uides.
'"If nothing comes from this, verses will be composed by us. If you hear them, you will say that they are Maro's work."
"You are mad! You see all the Ovids and Virgils [i.e. their imitators] who are in front of you with their chilly cloaks.'

ἀλλ ᾿ κατεπάλασε μέν γ ᾿ ἂν πρῶτον Εὐάθλους δέκα,
'but first you would have outwrestled ten Euathloses [ten fine athletes, but also people like the historical Euathlos, PA 5238].

Φαῖρους 'people like Phaedrus' or 'Phaedrus and people like him', although Dover ad loc. suggests that the drunken Alcibiades may be seeing double.

... εἰ ὁ μὲν τοὺς Καρίωνας καὶ Ξανθίας ὑποκρινόμενος οὕτως εὐγενὴς
καὶ μεγαλόψυχος γένοιτο,
... if a man who acts Karioes and Xanthiases [typical slave parts in dramas] became so noble and generous...

One Homer, a pair of Homers, three Homers in grammatical exercises. Criobiore 2001: 212.

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