Friday, 28 December 2012

Present/imperfect periphrases

Aerts, Periphrastica of 1965 is the locus classicus on this subject. The following gives an example of the synthetic and analytic present passives side-by-side.

ατα δα βάλανοι τν φοινίκων οας μν ν τος λλησιν στιν δεν τος οκέταις πέκειντο, α δ τος δεσπόταις ποκείμεναι σαν πόλεκτοι, θαυμάσιαι το κάλλους κα μεγέθους, δ ψις λέκτρου οδν διέφερεν·
As for the dates themselves of the palm, the sort that one can see in Greece were set apart for the servants, while those laid away for the masters were selected ones, remarkable for their beauty and size and with a colour altogether resembling that of amber; [Loeb]

Xenophon, Anabasis 2.3.15

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