Thursday 15 September 2011

Diminutives in LSJ

Under χελύ̄νιον, there are two instances of an interesting explanation that I have not encountered in LSJ before: 'Dim. (in form only) of foreg.'. We are all too ready to use diminutive as a semantic/functional rather than a derivational/formal label.

Also in this entry, we are told which section of the 'foreg.' is involved.

Note too the mention of a f.l. for χελώνια II, Lxx De.34.7 cod.Alex. - perhaps a little too much precise or redundant information for the entry. Also curious is the citation from a (new) periodical or serial of 1932.

The entry is much shorter in LS4. These accretions might well speak volumes about the later work for LSJ, including its treatment of Septuagintal material.

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