Friday, 2 October 2009

Classical Corporations

Amphora 7.2 (Fall 2008) noted The Achilles Corporation, a company of tent makers founded in Tokyo in 1947.

There is also Lucian Global, insurance brokers. Their blurb reads:

Lucian of Samosata (A.D. 120-180) was the ancient world's most noted satirist and thinker. He subjected the institutions of his day to a scrutiny they deserved, but rarely survived. Lucian felt most actions and conduct fell short of promises, and gave no quarter to shams, follies or ineptitude among those who held themselves as expert. He believed that true investment always resulted in permanent value for everyday people. Most of all, Lucian held truth and intergrity in high esteem, and saw value in those who perform and produce as they say. Supporting the notion of social responsibility and consciousness,
Lucian believed that investments should bring permanent value for all involved. At Lucian Global, we believe that growth and preservation strategies which improve the lives of people need not bear greater risk, yet will often result in greater returns than those that are self-serving. We also believe that asset protection is a most essential component of any suitable business plan. In a financial world of self-proclaimed experts, prophets and pundits, we choose to challenge conventional financial theories and philosophies, and demand that the proof always be in our performance.

Now to find evidence in Lucian's works to substantiate all these claims...

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