Friday 25 September 2009

The Supplement of 1968

The 1968 Supplement to Liddell-Scott-Jones does not get much of a look in. Reviews are hard to come by aside from John Lee's exposé of the weaknesses in its treatment of the Septuagint, which can be found and enjoyed in "A Note on Septuagint Material in the Supplement to Liddell and Scott", Glotta 47 (1969) 234–42.

Gordon Messing reviewed this work and wrote a companion poem for Thomas Hardy's (Classical Philology 64.4 (1969): 238-239).

Otherwise, it is intriguing that the name of Roderick McKenzie was omitted from the title page, although he was mentioned on the title page of Liddell-Scott-Jones.

The Supplement began with the addenda and corrigenda which accrued during the publication of the fascicles of Liddell-Scott-Jones and appropriate changes were made for consistency's sake. Note the reference to Suppl. in the image below.

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