Thursday 22 January 2009

Lessons from Liddell, Part 1

From a letter by Stephen Denison to Thomas Lyon Fellowes, May 1845:

"... the most generous, kind-hearted, amiable fellow, with a delicacy of feeling and a taste almost too refined for the rough work of everyday life. I need not speak to you or to any one of his intellectual powers: they are known to all the literary world. But I may say that I know no one with such abilities and learning who is at the same time so modest and unpretending. If an amiable, excellent, very clever and accomplished man, highly connected, belonging to a delightful family, having innumerable friends, enjoying a reputation both for talent and excellence rarely attained so early in life, and whose prospects of advancement and honours are the fairest that can be: if such a man can make a woman happy, Henry Liddell is the man."

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