Friday, 2 May 2008

Dear Sibyl: Pliny

Dear Sibyl,

I am so excited that you are answering letters again. I just love writing to my friends, fellow senators, clients, and, well, anyone really. I never tire of telling people what I have been doing: how I put up the money for a school in Comum; how I take my books with me when I go into the woods, and how when I am in the city I do not deign to associate with the plebs at the races.

But there's one, um, friend who does not write back any more. I feel used. He wanted to know all about my uncle and about the eruption of Vesuvius. I have written to him repeatedly, but he never replies. I should have known better than to get involved with someone so enigmatic. He would never come out a say what he meant, always clipped and chopping and changing between constructions. It was all snide and sarky comments, while he stared into the middle distance.

What am I to do?

-- GCP

Dear Pliny,

Sometimes, you just have to take NO for an answer.

-- Sibyl

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