Thursday, 9 June 2016

More compounds and dialectal comparanda

ὑ-φορβός (Hom.), συ- (Od.) and thematised συ-ο- (prose); Εὔ-φορβος in Il.16.808, 850, 17.59, and 81.

ξεν- and -απάτης E.Tr.866, fr.667 but -απάτᾱς Pi.O.10.34.
ξειν- and -απάτᾱς Ibyc., but -απάτης E.Med.1392 (-ου).

ξενο-δᾰίκτᾱς Pi.Parth.Fr.13.30, but ξεινο-δαΐκτᾱς Ε.Hrcl.391.

Contrast -ᾱγόρᾱς (e.g. Cypriot Ἑλλ-, Ἐσθλ-, and Ἐσλ-) and -ά̄γορος (on a late archaic Cypriot gem Ἐσλᾱγόρο ἐμι). For the pair, see Masson-Heubeck, Kadmos 1 (1962): 151-152. In all, A.A. Thompson, 'Personal names from Ancient Cyprus with the element Ἑλλ(ο-)', Studies in Greek Linguistics 8. Thessalonica, 1987: 123-131.

Contrast Βου-κεφάλας [κεφαλή] and *-κέφαλος, seen in Latin (Gaius Plinius Secundus, Naturalis Historia 4.18.8); cf. -a and -an in 6.77.8 and 8.154.2) and, perh., in the Βουκεφάλου (contrast Βουκεφάλᾱ, and, perhaps, Βουκεφαλᾶ): Arethas, the Alexander Romance: Recensio γ (lib. 3) 33R line 106, Recensio Byzantina poetica (cod. Marcianus 408) 891, 3616, 6108), and headings in Recensio E (cod. Eton College 163) 18 and Recensio φ 21; (cf. 'Macedonian' κεβλή).

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