Monday 16 May 2016

Some more compounds

From LSJ s.v.v.:

ἀνδρό-παις, αιδος, , man-boy, i. e. boy with a man's mind, of Parthenopaeus, A. Th.533; of Troilus, S.Fr.619, cf. Ar.Fr.53D.

ἀνδρό-πορνος, , cinaedus, Theopomp.Hist.17. - 'male prostitute' or 'man-whore' ?

ἀ-τυχής, but later μεσ(σ)ό-τυχος.

Possessive compounds: λεοντο-κέφαλος and -πρόσωπος. These are not nouns that refer to trophies or parts of rugs.
χρῡσο-σανδᾰλαιμοποτιχθονία, , goddess of the lower world wearing golden sandals and drinking blood, epith. of Hecate, Tab. Defix. in Rh.Mus.55.250 (-ατμο- lapis) = Audollent, 242.

ὠκῠ-πέδῑλος, ον, with swift sandals, swift-footed, Nonn.D.8.220.
ὠκύ-ᾰλος Il.15.705,
ὠκυ-πόδης Anth.5.222, ὠκύ-πος Anth.9.525.25 -πους Il.2.383

ὠκῠ-πέτης Il.8.42 advbl.

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