Thursday 7 April 2016

A 'Greek' (?) from the margins

An inscriptions from Delos mention an individual with the ethnic Βακτριανός: ἀνάθεμα Ὑσπα{ι}σίνου Βακτριανοῦ (ID 1432, cf. IK Estremo Oriente 320 for the spelling of the name). This inscription is printed as IK Estremo Oriente 321 with Ὑσπαοσόνου.

Cf. Ὑσπασίνου Μιθροάξου Βακτριανοῦ in ID 442.109 (see too 443 and the supplements in 454 and 455).

For more, see Marie-Françoise Baslez (with the observations of A. Bresson), 'Présence et traditions iraniennes dans les cites de l'Égée', Revue des Études Anciennes 87.1 (1985): 137-155.

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