Tuesday, 29 March 2016


IG IX, 1^2 3: 718 is more conveniently known as Buck^3, no. 57 (Buck^2, no. 55) and Schwyzer, no. 362. It is the oft-cited witness for the dialect of Western (Ozolian) Locris. The online version of LSAG 108.2 does not contain much information.

Note: line 4 - κατ’ αἰϝεί;
line 7 - παῖδα ℎεβατὰν (cf. Thessalian τοῦ εἱβάτα [accent as IG IX, 2 234, Schwyzer 567, Buck^2, and LSJ s.v., no. 34, but contrast Buck^3, no. 36.4 εἱβατᾶ and LSJ s.v. ἡβητής];
lines 10-11 μετὰ Λοϙρο͂ν το͂ν Ϝεσπαρί|ον (with Koppa and Digamma).

The other Locrian inscription, which contains two texts, obverse lines 1-10, reverse lines 11-17 (LSAG 108.4a for both sides, and 4b also) is Buck^3, no. 58 (= Schwyzer 363). The reference to 'IG vol. ix.1 edition 2 no. 718' should have 'no. 717', since no. 718 is the aforementioned Locrian inscription.

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