Friday, 27 November 2015

Very early Boeotian inscriptions

Buck, no. 38.2 (= Schwyzer 440.12 = Wachter, R., Non-Attic Greek Vase Inscriptions, Oxford 2001: n. 45 on BOI 10f + n. 74) is cited from Arch.Eph. 1900.107. The materials behind LSAG (94, no. 2, pl. 7, no. 2) seem to be all that is available online.

For ϝισϝ-, see IPArk 15 and IG V, 2, 321A21.

The LSAG materials for Buck, no. 38.1 (cited from the same periodical) are also available. Δε̄μοθέρε̄ς is described as a 'Euboic name on a bronze lebes from Thebes' at 88.23. Schwyzer notes simply: 'Δε̄μο.: ε̄ alienam originem prodit.'.

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