Monday, 19 October 2015

Anacreon round-up

LSJ s.v. νεᾶνις (cf. fr.13.3) cites 'CIG7629 (vase)', which reads: νῆνι νῆνι καλ.
See Smyth sect. 263, 1.

The following image of the black figures is from Die Gräber der Hellenen by Otto Magnus von Stackelberg (1837), Tab. XIII, 3.

Anacreon also has κοῦραι (fr. 45) and κοῦρα (fr. 73). Herodotus, it is said, once has the 'theo'nym Κόρη in 8.65.4 (in the OCT of Hude). The Ionic form Κούρη is a variant reading and was printed in the editions of J.E. Powell and A.M. Bowie and in the new OCT of N.G. Wilson. The OCT, like the Bude, keeps δύο κόρας and αἱ κόραι in 4.33.3 and 34.1 respectively, in which no variant readings are reported.

Published notes: E. Schywzer on πελεκύς (68.2; 

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