Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Notes on dialect inscriptions: Elean and Euboean together

Schwyzer 795 [= IvO 271, cf. LSAG 221.19], a statue base found at Olympia, consists of a hexameter in Elean (the sculptor's signature) and another prose sentence in 'Euboean' (Jeffery's 'Rhegine'). The object consists of two adjoining fragments (left and right, each containing parts in both dialects).

The context for this inscription is given by Pausanias V.27.8. Some edd. give the start of the hexameter as [Ἑρμεί]α̣ι. The Elean form Ϝ]αλεῖο̣ρ̣ apparently shows the characteristic word-final rhotacism of Elean as well as preservation of word-initial digamma.

Note that the 'Euboean' sentence contains [Γλ]αυκίης ὁ Λυκκίδεοˉ with Ionic <η> and εο for εω (Schwyzer did not employ a macron on either vowel).

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