Monday 20 July 2015

Patterns of naming

For shared elements in the names of fathers and sons, see Thucydides 1.29.2, which lists the following Corinthians:  
Ἀριστεύς Πελλίχου
Καλλικράτης Καλλίου
Τῑμ̄νωρ Τῑμάνθους,  
Ἀρχέτῑμος Εὐρυτί̄μου
and Ἰσαρχίδᾱς Ἰσάρχου

The last, with the patronymic suffix, is of particular interest: either Isarchosson son of Isarchos or Isarchos Jr the son of Isarchos Sr.

Note too: a Syracusan called Hermocrates, who was the son of Hermon (Th.4.58.1).

One very early Rhodian inscription reads as follows (LSAG 356.15 adds a few details):
Εὐθυτίδα | ἠμὶ λέσχα |το̑ Πραξσιόδο | τοὐφύλο τοὐφυλίδα.
(with the instances of crasis resolved: το̑ Εὐφύλο το̑ Εὐφυλίδα).

That is, Euthytidas the son of Praxiodos, the son of Euphylos, the son of Euphylosson (or, M(a)cEuphylos). These names are not reported from any other text.

See Bechtel (1917: 214) for other names from θυ- 'sacrifice': Θύτᾱς (Roman imperial: Θύτης), Εὐθύτης, Πολυθύτᾱς (IG VII 2775 (undated), which is suspiciously non-Boeotian in its spelling: *Πολου-θούτᾱς, cf. Πολου -κράτεις, -κλεῖς, etc. and cf. τὺ σιουνθύτη a:-stem 'the fellow-sacrificers' ), and Θυσί-λεως (2x at Sinope, Scythia Minor, mid-Hellenistic).

There was also Δημοσθένης Δημοσθένους (demotic Παιανιεύς: Plu.Dem.20) and Phocus, son of Phocion the Good (Plu.Phoc.20.1-2, 30.1, and 36.3), apparently named after his grandfather. P.Oxy. I 119 is the letter of Theon Jr (Theonatos) to Theon Sr. These onomastic apples did not fall far from their trees.

On the subject of names, Kallis can be a male or female personal name.
Εὐρυσθεύς, which has no historical bearers, looks like it is a short form of Εὐρυσθένης.

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