Thursday, 2 July 2015

Notes on Rhodian inscriptions

Buck, no. 100 (= DGE 272: Anne Jeffery's notes), set up by one of historical two bearers of the name Idameneus (both 6th c. BCE Rhodians). is used for the aspirate and for eta (ποίησα, not (ἐ)ποίε̄σα). Colvin, no. 48, notes that there is an Idomeneus in Homer and that a female i-do-me-ne-ja is known from the Linear B tablets. LGPN knows twenty four bearers of the Ἰδο- spelling.

DGE 274 (Anne Jeffery's notes): an amphora of one (the only) Kosmias with a delivery directive.

A kulixs of one Philto [LPGN I s.v. 3] (= CEG 460 (!): Anne Jeffery's notes).

Another kulixs (8th c. BC, of one Korakos, another rare name) and Anne Jeffery's notes.
An aryballos of one Astyochidas (Anne Jeffery's notes).

The last two provide indications that Rhodian script was red (See Buck 1955: 348 and LSAG 1990: 347: pace Kirchhoff, whose map presents the island as blue): ΚΥΚΛΙΧΣ for blue κυκλιξ and -Ο-ΨΙΔΑ for -ο-χιδᾱ.

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