Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ἄξῡλος Il.6.12

One Axylos, son of Teuthras (stem Τευθραν- + suffix -ίδης), makes a briefish appearance in Iliad 6.12-19, as the first of Diomedes' victims. He had been wealthy, was a friend to many, and offered hospitality from his roadside home. None of his friends came to help him or his squire and charioteer-sidekick Kalesios.

His name looks like it should be from the adjective ἄξῠλος 'woodless', but the quantities differ. He must have a Kurzform of a name in Ἀξι- (cf. names in  -αξος), built with -υλος (Schwyzer, GG 485.2). For these names, see the tables below (with thanks to the LGPN online search).

See Hans Von Kampz, Homerische Personennamen (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Goettingen: 1982), § 46c (p. 130), who compares Ἥγυλλος (to which add Ἅ̄γυλλος) and Ἥγυλος (to which add Ἅ̄γυλος) as shortname forms of Ἡγέ-στρατος.

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