Monday, 27 July 2015

A Laconian hexameter and elegiac inscriptions

CEG 373 (525 BCE) IG V, 1 919 (an elegiac couplet) is from Sellasia in Laconia.
Note Διοσκο̄́ροισιν (nisi divisim?) with -οισι and-ν under epic influence.

It seems that (-)κο̄́ρ- stands for Ionic κούρ-, as in epic (cf. too CEG 391 550-525 BCE Cephallonia and CEG 427 6th-c. BCE Cnidos). Theoc.15.120 shows κῶρος, which, in the absence of evidence for omega in this inscription, would be written with omicron, just as in Διοσκο̄́ροισιν here. Cf. the middle column of Buck 1955: § 51 (for Ionic and the 'Doric' of Argolis, Crete, Thera, Cos, Rhodes, and colonies in contrast to dialects that preserved post-consonantl digamma and those, like Attic, in which the vowel was not affected).

SEG XLVI 400 (= Colvin, no. 34; see also SEG L 394 and LVII 353 on the division and identity of ΚΑΛΗ) was found as recently 1988.

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