Friday, 5 June 2015

LSJ and Catullus and Martial

Catull(us) is cited four times in LSJ: once as one of the earliest attestions of παλίμψεστος (with Cicero), once for a new meaning of (!) φάσηλος (with Horace), once for (etymologically correct) aspiration of Ionic ἀπηλιώτης (cf. Helios, sol), and once for explanatory purposes s.v. σκορπίος.

LSJ's 'Authors and Works' does not include 'Catull.' (p. xxi), but the Supplement (p. vii) adds 'Cat.', which remains uncorrected in the Revised Supplement (p. xii).

Mart(ial) seems to be cited more frequently (but the following list has not been reliably created): s.vv. ἀνακλινοπάλη ('Mart.14.201 (f.l. for ἐπι- )'), δρῶπαξ, ἐπιδειπνίς, ἐπικλινοπάλη, κορδύληλῆμμα, λύγδος, παλίνουρος ('with play on pr. n. Palinurus [the individual in books 3, 5, and 6 of the Aeneid], Mart.3.78.2'), ῥῠτός (actually, for ῥύτιον),  σίγμα (cf. s.v. Σ), σοφός, σύνθεσις, and ψυχή.

'Mart.Cap.' and 'h.Mart.' account for most other instances of 'Mart.'.

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