Monday 25 May 2015

Some favourite Boeotians

(1) Pisimeilos in IG VII 3193 at Orchomenos (LSJ s.v. μῆλον A) [earlier (Vth c. BC) there was a Peisimelidas (Πεισιμηλίδᾱς) at Thespiae (SEG XIX 354 j with <ε> for <η>].

The form attested is Πισιμείλυ, which functions as a dative, but is locative in origin (-οι).

The inscription provides data for various issues in Boeotian, for example in the name Κλιώνδη followed by a patronymic genitive Ἀπολλωνίδαο.

(2) Euddugos in Ure, Black Glaze Pottery 58, 1 (cf. εὔζυγος in Hom. and a εὐσδύγων, prob., in Alc.34.9 L-P).

(3) Hnesidamos (Ἠνεσίδᾱμος) in Roesch, IThesp 323/SEG XXXII 505 (Thespiae, v. late 4th c. BC) uniquely has a Boeotian form of the Attic-Ionic name Αἰνεσίδημος (1x); cf. Αἰνησίδᾱμος (34x), Attic-Ionic Αἰνησίδημος (13x). Boeotians with the name Ἠσχίνᾱς (Lat. Aeschines) and Ἤσχυλος (Lat. Aeschylus) illustrate the same development of <αι> to <η>.

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