Friday, 15 May 2015

Notes on Inscriptions: SEG XXVI 1050

An owner's mark on a Cretan pithos (dated 8th-6th c. BCE). The owner is Ἑρπετίδᾱμος (psilosis ?) the son of Παιδοπιλᾱ (or -φιλᾱ). Anne Jeffery's notes are available online.

The 'owner's' name might be Ἑρπετίδᾱς in the nominative and might be followed by the definite article, if, as in another transcription, san is read at the crack instead of mu.

This is the only instance of any name in Ἑρπετι- (there are none in *Ἑρπεσι-).

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