Wednesday 13 May 2015

Aquila in Genesis 37:3: Joseph's robe

Aquila's ἀστραγάλειος ('of the ἀστράγαλοι') is otherwise unknown. In the LXX, the article of clothing is ποικίλος, but when the same Hebrew phrase recurs at 2 Sam. (= 2 Kingdoms) 13:18, in reference to Tamar's royal robe, it is translated as χιτὼν καρπωτός 'a sleeved garment'. See Conybeare-Stock (1905: 109).

On the subject of clothing vocabulary in Aquila, note σπαθαρίσκος in Genesis 38:14 (s.v.l.) and σπαθαρικόν from Symmachus's version of Isaiah 3:23.

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