Thursday, 16 April 2015

An Alcaeus papyrus

The papyrus that preserves S262 (= 298 Voight & Campbell's Loeb; Campbell, Greek Lyric Poetry, pp. 465-466) has a bibliography and can be viewed in colour.

The papyrus shows fluctuation in accentual practice: ἔπηπον 11, but κατῆχε 15. Campbell reproduces this. Page, OCT, p. 76, gives κάτηχε. Note the grave accents on syllables that are unaccented in our texts.

Examples of alpha marked with a breve or with a macron can be seen in lines 16 and 17: ὀλόᾱν / ... Πάλλᾰδας ἄ̄ θέων.

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