Wednesday 18 February 2015

'Cakes and buns and sausage rolls...'

... with apologies to the Ian Dury and The Blockheads and the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

The Greek neuter compound ἀρτόκρεας, which Debrunner, Griechische Wortbildungslehre (1917) lists among his examples of copulative/dvandva compounds (pp. 40-1, 46), is cited by LSJ almost entirely from Latin sources (for IE dvandva compounds, cf. Latin duōdecim, Greek δώδεκα, Sanskrit dwādaçan, but not English twelve '‘two left or remaining over (ten)'):

'bread and meat, prob. = Lat. visceratio, IGRom.4.1348<.13> (Lydia), Pers.6.50, Gloss.; artocria CIL9.5309<.1>.'

J. R. Jenkinson translates Pers.6.50 as 'a sausage roll':
uae, nisi coniues. oleum artocreasque popello | largior

CIL 9.5309:


The Gloss. is by Philoxenus. IGRom.4.1348 is not in the PHI database.

IGRom/IGR 4.1348 (Cagnat, 1927):

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