Friday 25 July 2014

The dangers of Liddell-Scott-Jones

Christopher Collard (1975) notes on E.Supp.673 οὐδὲν... ἀντεκήρυξεν '(a compound next attested at Lib.39.45)'. This seems based on LSJ s.v. ἀντικηρύσσω and on the (treacherous) assumption that LSJ achieved or aimed at comprehensive treatment of a word's attestations.

The TLG shows that this compound verb appears at: D.S.17.9.5, Philo's Quod omnis probus liber sit 25, Appian's BC 1.13.107, Polyaenus' Strategemata 8.23.27, Gregory of Nyssa's Contra fornicarios (vol. 9, p. 215), and thrice in Eusebius before the reported instance in Libanius and another.

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