Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Some typos

(1) C.D. Buck, The Greek Dialects, University of Chicago Press. 1955: 79.
Page Header: 'PHONOLOFY' for 'PHONOLOGY', as it correctly appears otherwise throughout pages 17-85.

(2) LSJ s.v. στελεός cf. 'Antiph.121 (Rh.Mus.81.381)', in which Rh.Mus. 82.381 should be read. Incidentally, this indicates that material was still being collected in 1933 (see a post from long ago and the quotation below) and that the entry in the Periodicals list on p. xliii 'Rh.Mus. = Rheinisches Museum, Neue Folge, Frankfurt 1842-1920.' was incorrect even in 1925 when the Preface was first published (a later year could have been stated or the date range left open, as with the next item, Rivista di Filologia).

From the Postscript of 1940: 'The period of publication, 1925-40, was actually longer than the period of copy-writing, 1911-24, even although the earlier period was interrupted by the war, and in the later period there were two editors instead of one.'

(3) Xenophon, Hellenica IV 5.14 in the OCT of Marchant (reproduced in the TLG) and Loeb:
'οὖτοι μόνοι τῆς μόρας τῇ ἀληθεία ἐσώθησαν', in which the Teubner and the lemma in the commentary of G.E. Underhill on Marchant's OCT (p. 147) have τῇ ἀληθείᾳ, which makes sense.

(4) Isocrates V 4 in the Teubner of Mandilaras (reproduced in the TLG):
'ἀλλὰ τὴν ἀληθείαν τῶν πραγμάτων θαυμάζειν' (the acc.sg. accented thus here only, but as ἀλήθειαν, correctly, 24x in the same edition). Benseler and Blass give ἀλήθειαν, accented as is to be expected, in their Teubner editions.

(3) and (4) caught my eye because Aelius Herodianus (2.454) reports that ἀληθείᾱ was the form in Attic (Ἀττικῶς) but ἀλήθεια is Koine (κοινῶς). Cf. Ionic ἀληθείη, and ὑγίεια, Ionic ὑγιειή, and ὑγεῖα (e.g. Plu.Lycurg.8.4 and epigraphic instances).

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