Friday, 7 March 2014

Lifestyles of Lexicographesses: Miss Margaret Alford

Miss Margaret Alford is named in the 1940 Postscript to the 1925 Preface of LSJ. She also appears in the Preface to E. Fraenkel's Agamemnon (p. xiii).

"In the last ten years the name of Miss Margaret Alford has appeared more than once in the prefaces of works of Greek scholarship published by the Clarendon Press; the present preface is fortunately in a position to follow suit. An indefatigable worker, Spartan in the austerity of her life, a rigid and accomplished grammarian, Miss Alford is at the same time the soul of gentleness. Of her genuine understanding of great poetry I have ample proof. She spent a long time going through the English version of my commentary, correcting errors of the translators and blunders of my own, and giving me, always with disarming modesty, all sorts of invaluable advice."

Fraenkel makes other comments about Miss Alford, but I will have to track them down again before adding them here.

Note: Fraenkel's comment on LSJ and ἄπαρχος in A.Ag.1227 calls for discussion too.

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