Monday, 17 September 2012

Commentators on female characters, especially in Menander

Handley on Dysc.208 ff.:
"[Poverty] appears on the stage looking like a cross between a tragic fury and the fraudulent barmaid next door, or something equally low."

Gomme-Sandbach on Epitr.489:

"'The childish admiration for the beautiful garment and the sympathy for its loss is indicative of Habrotonon's uncorrupted youth' wrote Wilamowitz, who had a weak spot for the girl. Lord Harberton (Unus Multorum), who felt that she oozed vulgarity at every pore', a judgement that may be held to do its author little credit, thought it indicative of her values that she gives so much attention to Pamphile's clothes, so little to her misfortune. ... Habrotonon ... is young, warm, and clever. But her only deep feelings are for herself."

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