Monday, 7 September 2009

New blog

Two ladies of 'leisure' (in the proper sense, as in scholarship, you understand), known as Kallista and Bella, have launched their own blog: Classicae et Fashionistae

To mark this occasion, it seems appropriate to share what may be the earliest reference in European literature to the problem of 'split ends'. Euripides, Orestes 128-9:

εἴδετε, παρ' ἄκρας ὡς ἀπέθρισεν τρίχας
σῴζουσα κάλλος; ἔστι δ' ἡ πάλαι γυνή.

"Do you see how she cuts off her hair at its tips to keep its beauty? She is [still] the woman she was in the past."

Also, let us not forgot just how long-standing the fad for handbag dogs (and monkeys) is. See Theophrastus, Characters 5 and Plutarch, Pericles 1.2.

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Kallista said...

Oh, you guys! Classicae et Fashionistae is now officially 'following' you - I will try to get Bella to sign up as well.

Ball's in your court...