Thursday 23 April 2009

Lifestyles of Lexicographers, Part 1: E. A. Sophocles

From A. C. Zeno, The Classical Review 4 (1890): 41.

His life at Cambridge [Mass., USA] was singular and striking to eccentricity. He never married, and lived a secluded life, using two rooms for all purposes, and often acting as his own cook and house-keeper. He partook of his simple meals on the very table which served him as a desk for the writing of this monumental Lexicon. His behaviour towards strangers, especially his own countrymen, was not always attractive and he came to have the reputation among them of being crabbed and cynical, but those who had the privilege of a more intimate acquaintance with him found him cordial and tender-hearted.

Gasp! Only one table! Two rooms! He cooked his own meals!

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