Friday, 4 July 2008

Address of the Translationese to the Peoples of Ydnert

Greetings full but overdue to the Peoples of Ydnert. from the Translationese.

Lo! The month having been filled, it will have been already thirty years since your race came towards these borders. On which account we extend the hand of amity, that we, the stock of the divine tyrant Beol, might enjoy guest-friendship with your public thing.

In the senior era our founder embarked, these fruited, fertile, blessed, fecund plains to settle. After being transported a long span over the watery ways of the salty salt sea, his insides were much vexed. And truly, when he stood in the poop, anger bloated all his veins. Yet he put to one side his doleful cares and baleful sorrows when the shore was seen and arrived at. You having likewise done thus, would that insofar as you approached the land gladly, you might to the same extent us its dwellers!

Not without mutual advantage do we come for the purpose of to-be-joined hands. Nay rather, the peace between ours and our land-sharing Haploglots has been destroyed by nothing. Furthermore (lest you think poverty to sit on us), with your renowned fillets and ribands being handed over, we would be able to defray with each fitting good, that you might thus enjoy our copious vetch and much-irrigated sedge.

We will make the necessary sacrifices according to custom, lest we be found lacking in hostly piety, and, joined, garbed in festal garments, we will lie down together with the tables placed and make the entire region resound with well-omened ejaculations and gay intercourse.

We hope that, with these blandishments having been said, the cuirasses and baldrics and tabards of an unequal enemy might be placed to one side. May the revolving years enlarge our mutual grace.


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